Doncaster Knights- Fraser Strachan

David has always been a rugby lover, so it was only natural for him to support his local rugby team the Doncaster Knights, where he played as a young lad.

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World Sidecar Championships

Craig Currie and Justin Sharpe are great supporters of our pub The Bess’ Knees so therefore it’s only right that you look after those who look after you!

We are delighted to be whizzing round a racetrack at 170 mph, ironic as David, in all of his 58 years has never been on a motorbike…..these guys are the real lunatics!

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Piccadilly FC

Piccadilly FC is a member of London's infamous underground football league. We have high hopes for them because Dilly Spirits has funded all of their fees and they have a nice new name on their shirt.

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Watsonians Rugby Club

Watsonians was the first rugby team that David ever supported going back the famous names of the 90’s including the Hastings boys, Tom Smith and more recently Stuart McInally. We’re thrilled to be involved in a very small way.

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