The Dilly

Inspired by the Marillion song 'Lavender' and based on the children's nursery rhyme, The Dilly is a quality London Dry Gin with a contemporary twist of lavender, star anise and pink grapefruit.

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The Lydia

Born from a mother’s love and her son’s penchant for jelly, this Tangerine London Dry Gin has been 'soothed and smoothed' as liltingly as Dean Friedman’s 80’s hit ‘Lydia, Lydia'.

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The Devil's Advocate

David's father was practically teetotal, apart from Christmas and very special occasions when he was partial to a drop of rum. Wanting to create a drink in honour of his Dad, David experimented, A LOT!  He was almost at the point of giving in when the base flavour suddenly came to him... 

Oh, the gorgeous creature modelling the bottle is the immensely talented Amy Coney who oversaw, influenced and designed our rebrand.

As for the Murrayfield connection, when you know, you know !!!

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The Ruby

The Ruby is an opulent gin containing black currants grown in the village where David lives. The flavours were inspired by his crazy Aunty Irene and top chef / proprietor Ian from Number 5 restaurant in Retford. Add this to Donald Fagan’s ‘Ruby Baby and we have a truly decadent offering.

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The Howard

One good turn deserves another. Dilly Dilly Ltd (as we were then), sponsored Doncaster Knights Rugby player Howard Packman.  He had been playing in New Zealand and often visited the distillery to experiment with flavours. It was at this point that FEIJOA fruit was brought into the conversation. Apparently, one of New Zealand's best kept secrets. Not for much longer...

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